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Even if you're a dancer, get an acting agent. In fact, if you're an athlete, get an acting agent. Even rockers, rappers, and punkers get acting agents. Why? It's because so many other careers segway perfectly into acting. Many times a person who is strictly an actor lacks the true skills that are required to play a role or sell a product, because in order to lend authenticity to a certain role or commercial advertisement, the people who appear in it cannot just be "acting" like they're doing it. The action has to be real. That's where trained dancers, athletes, and professional musicians come in.

Granted, many people feel as though they have no real need to get an acting agent if their originally chosen career is flourishing, and they choose to do so only after they have already achieved some level of fame and success doing what they do best, perhaps not even realizing that they have acting talent, or that an acting agent may take an interest in them because of the other skills and abilities that they have.

The job of an acting agent is to search for roles that match up with your look and abilities, and submit you for auditions and casting calls for these rolls. Nearly every production has some requirement for people with a specific talent: a skateboarder, a guitar player, a tennis player. Which one are you? An acting agent can help you get connected with these roles.

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