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Be afraid. Be very, very afraid. Or should you be? Many people go completely to pieces when they arrive at an acting audition, as if the entire rest of their career rests upon getting this one part, or they are convinced before even going inside that the people are going to hate them and they don't even know why they came. As other people are acting out monologues to themselves waiting for their turn, they are outside chain-smoking cigarettes, drinking coffee and chattering nervously on their cell-phone to their girlfriend about the eminent demise of their acting career directly after this audition.

You've seen her, maybe him, and perhaps felt badly for them, perhaps been annoyed by them, but what is behind this phenomenon? One would think that if a person has decided to pursue a career in acting, auditions would just be part of the territory and they would have learned to breeze through them long ago. Well, being nervous about acting in an audition is quite natural, we just have to learn how to control it, and focus that energy on giving the best performance we can.

Acting and auditions are like butter and toast, you can't really separate the two. If you get nervous about acting or before auditions, take steps to eliminate the problem. Some people get a rush from stressing out, but it doesn't necessarily produce the best results during the actual audition. Remember the breathing and visualization exercises your acting teacher taught you. Relax, and visualize yourself blowing them away and getting the part.

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