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This year why not finally make good on all those promises you made to yourself for the past three years and sign yourself up for an acting class? Sure, maybe you're not trying to become the next world's greatest thespian, but the hidden benefits of an acting class can be indispensable to even "regular" people in their day to day lives. In acting class, you learn how to express yourself clearly and concisely, get in touch with feelings and emotions buried deeply since childhood, and relaxation and visualization techniques.

Whether we are interested in taking an acting class to refine our acting skills or not, many of us may want to just leave those deeply buried memories right where they are. however, many find it benificial and therapeutic to remember times gone by. Doing it in an acting class lets us take a moment to face the feelings that arise from those memories in a safe, supportive, creative environment. Oftentimes we are carrying these things aroiund with us and it causes us to react to and treat people in ways that may suprise or bother us, and we may wonder, "what's wrong with me?"

The techniques used in many an acting class show us how to use these memories and emotions to help create a character and give it depth. Drawing on personal experience and specific emotional responses that they bring out is a lot of what acting, and the training you recieve in an acting class is. Acting is an art that you should always be perfecting, and taking a class is an important part of that process.

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