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"Mom, I want to be an actor!"... ...silence. an awkward stare. What about your dental career? she might say. What about your scholarship to MIT? These are hard questions, but at a certain point you may have to address these very issues with Mom and Dad should you make the decision to be an actor and follow in the footsteps of your favorite stars.

Maybe you'll luck out, and many people with supportive parents and families benefit greatly from having that support system behind them as they enter the cold, hard, unforgiving world of Hollywood and the studio system. Most people decide to be an actor when they are quite young, so at least their parents have a while to get used to the idea. For others, the decision is sudden, brought on by having viewed some classic piece of cinema that opened their eyes to the great possibilities in acting, or participation in a school play that changes their life forever after.

Some even end up becoming an actor after already having had an entire career doing something else, and they get in, or back in, to acting to make a little side money and to have some fun. Whatever your situation, becoming an actor is a life-long process, and most of our greatest actors will tell you, they still work on their craft every day, trying to become an even better actor.

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