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For actors, auditions are the equivalent of job interviews. If you don't cut the mustard, you don't get the job. It's a great thing. A lot of actors hate the audition process, but they should see it as something that comes with the territory and realize that auditions are your chance to show your stuff. You get that one shot to impress them with your impeccable talent and your affinity for acting. Auditions are where you get to show them how you stand out from all the rest.

If this isn't how you feel about acting and auditions, what are you doing it for? It should be fun if you are doing something that you love. Sure you get nervous, sure people are jerks, sure half the other people you run into on auditions are annoying and make you want to quit acting, but should that keep you from doing your best and looking forward to the next opportunity to act in front of people that could further your career and let you make a living through your love for acting?

All in all it's the same no matter what you do. For actors, it's auditions, for the rest of us, it's job interviews, but realistically, no matter what your profession, there will always be annoying people, mean people, nerve-wracking stressful situations, and the desire to move forward in your career.

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