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If you are going to pursue a career in the theatre, you must master the art of going on auditions for plays. They are a bit different from other types of auditions because unlike other kinds, you may actually be auditioning in the same place where you will eventually be performing your part in front of hundreds of people. Another difference is that you will have to compensate and adjust to the room you are in, which may be a huge, empty theatre where you have to project your voice all the way to the back. If the director senses that you will not be able to make your voice carry, you have less of a chance of getting the part.

More so than in other types of auditions, auditions for plays may allow for the possibility of showing off your real acting talents like a memorized poem or play, a practiced character that you have worked on and developed to the point that you can improvise indefinitely while playing it, different voices and dialects/accents that you can whip out at a moment's notice. These are the things that will make you a cut above the rest.

Above all, you have a much better chance of acing auditions for plays if you are very prepared, you have slept well, eaten well, gotten up early, arrived early, treated everyone with respect and courtesy, and be ready to shine when they call your name. Use relaxation techniques to smooth out your energy so you are not nervous. Auditions for plays are like auditions for life, you have to show up, and when you're there, you have to be present.

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