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Getting Through the Acting Audition

Getting Through The Film Audition Rehearse your lines before you go in so you know the lines so well you are saying them in your sleep. Make sure you work on them in front of others too so you can practice having a small audience in front of you.

Getting Through The Film Audition Donít wait until the night before to start running through your lines. If youíre given the time to do it beforehand, do it!

Getting Through The Film Audition Finding a good audition piece is very important. Pick a role that is right for you, not something of the opposite sex or a character that is 30 years older than you. And make sure the role is from a play that hasnít been done a zillion times by other actors. Casting directors hate hearing the same thing over and over again.

Getting Through The Film Audition After you choose your role, make 2-3 clear acting choices about the piece and commit to them. Similarly, choose a couple of movements or crosses and get them down pat.

Getting Through The Film Audition Work to keep each piece 1 minute long. This will make sure that you donít go over the time limit. If you do have to end the piece early, do so. Donít rush your performance to get through it all when you see the guy waving his hand, telling you youíre almost out of time.

Getting Through The Film Audition When you walk in to perform, shake hands when they offer theirs and look that person in the eye when you do so. Tell them your name, what agency youíre repped by (if any), and what pieces youíll be performing.

Getting Through The Film Audition Once performing, donít address the auditors directly or make eye contact. It makes them uncomfortable if youíre staring them down or worse, addressing them during the acting audition.

Getting Through The Film Audition If you should make a mistake, donít stop or berate yourself, or apologize. Go on like nothing happened. They may not even notice you made a mistake.

Getting Through The Film Audition Once finished, pause and drop out of character. Then thank them and leave the room.

Getting Through The Film Audition You may or may not get called back. Donít try to speculate what will happen. Just keep doing more acting auditions and let the chips fall where they may.

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