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Going To The Acting Audition

Acting auditions are the gateway into the world of acting. It’s here that careers are started and you need to know how to find them. Acting Auditions .net has over 2300 acting auditions listed for their members to choose from. This includes open calls from across the country so those who don’t reside in the land of palm trees and sunshine can still get their career in gear by finding an acting audition near them.

Going to one of these casting calls means you’ll have to stand in line with all the other hopefuls. This is why they also call them “cattle calls.” Once inside, you audition for the casting director. If the acting audition is for a play, you will already have gotten the play beforehand and practiced your parts. If you’re auditioning for a film, you might need to do a “cold reading” for your audition. This means you’ll be given a scene and told to memorize your part in the next 20-30 minutes. Then you go back in and perform in front of the casting director.

If he likes you, you get a “call-back.” From there, the field is whittled down to a few actors vying for the same part and somebody eventually winds up winning the part.

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