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Performing The Acting Audition

Performing The Audition Dress comfortably. Dress to reflect who the character is without wearing a costume that will take attention away from your performance.

Performing The Audition Get there early. Arrive at least 30 minutes early to check in and take time to warm up with your “sides.”

Performing The Audition Your acting audition begins immediately. Once you step into that room, you are “on.” Be positive and nice to everyone.

Performing The Audition Introduce yourself. Give your name and the titles of your two monologues. Don’t describe the scene or play before you start. The casting director doesn’t want to hear about it.

Performing The Audition Don’t focus on the casting director. If you’re looking at the CD, producer, or anyone else in the room, you’ll distract yourself. Focus on a chair or past the CD towards the back of the room.

Performing The Audition If the timer calls “time”, you must stop acting. They won’t allow you to go on for even another 10 seconds. Just thank them and walk out.

Performing The Audition Never apologize for the acting audition. Even if you gave a bad performance, don’t apologize for it. You will receive no sympathy for your blunder. Plus, it’s possible that the auditors will never even notice your screw up.

Performing The Audition Walk away slowly. The CD might have a question for you after your performance so don’t jet out of the room. Walk away slowly and then wait in the waiting room for a few minutes afterward, just in case you need to be brought back in.

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