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Get ready for the return of the "I Was a Teenage (fill in the blank)" film genre. These days, a teen actor can get a hold of a mini DV camera and a computer and shoot her own feature length film for about a hundred dollars, the cost of the mini DV tapes and a couple of fast food meals. In fact, this may be already be an unseen burgeoning industry, as teen actor and Internet savvy kids are getting more creative and pushing the limits of what can be done on the web.

They could already make a movie entitled " I Was a Teenage Web Designer", and didn't they already do an "I Was a Teenage Hacker Who Broke Into A Top Security Level Government Computer System From My Home PC" movie? If you are an aspiring teen actor, consider creating your own short projects and starring in them. If you're not the Internet genius of your block, get a friend to help you put it online linked to your acting profile and headshots to get you some free exposure playing a role that you created yourself!

For the teen actor today, the sky is the limit. You are the generation that has grown up inundated and surrounded by every aspect of micro-computer information technology. Use your knowledge of computers and the media to help further your career as a teen actor. You could truly become famous overnight!

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